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Effective Written Communication

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Course Outline

Those of us working in financial services organisations can face particular difficulties in getting our message across. What we have to communicate is often complex, technical and sometimes unwelcome. Our audience can be indifferent, resistant and fearful of being criticized or exposed. Meeting these challenges calls for a considerable level of skill, and some psychology, to be employed in the written word. This course will help you recognise and apply the approaches and techniques that will make your reports and other messages more likely to result in the outcomes they were designed to achieve.

Attending will enable you to:

  • Understand the barriers to communication and how to overcome them
  • Avoid technical jargon that creates misunderstandings 
  • Organise information so that the impact of the message comes through
  • Present data in a meaningful way that supports the words
  • Refresh the key rules of grammar and punctuation
  • Build conclusions supported by facts
  • Make compelling recommendations

Who Will Benefit?

Anyone responsible for preparing reports, explaining the impact of new rules, policies and guidance or delivering difficult messages in writing.

Training Approach

We use a number of accelerated learning techniques to embed learning and enhance recall. Any theory is immediately grounded in day-to-day working practice and everything that you learn on the course can be applied directly in the workplace.

Workshop Agenda

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • Why good communication is so important
  • Recognising the needs of your audience
  • Developing the content
  • Creating the structure of a report
  • Review of key rules
  • Achieving results
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