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Financial Promotions under COBS

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Outline & Objectives 

The rules, guidance and ‘standards’ for the financial promotion of investment products continue to evolve. The FCA's new powers and more proactive approach to conduct risk, along with the impact of recent regulatory updates on issues and trends identified through routine monitoring, continue to set new challenges to firms offering investment products. 

Making extensive use of CASE STUDIES and SYNDICATE EXERCISES, this practical course will help Marketing and Compliance professionals keep up to date with the evolving rules, guidance and standards in this critical area of business and regulatory risk. 

Specifically, attending will help you: 

  • Review the impact of regulatory developments and priorities on financial promotions 
  • Update and refresh your knowledge of the relevant COBS requirements 
  • Review the application of the rules in key and high risk areas 
  • Recognise the differences and similarities between promotions and other communications 
  • Check the effectiveness of your process for approvals 
  • Understand how the rules impact the internet and digital media 
  • Consider how you can evidence your promotions present fairly what you are offering 

Who will benefit? 

If you have responsibility for creating or approving advertisements and other communications relating to investment products, this workshop will help you understand and comply with regulatory expectations. Firms gain real business benefits from sending people from their Compliance and Marketing areas. 

Training Approach 

This workshop uses a combination of trainer input, knowledge sharing with interactive syndicate work and case studies.

Course Programme

Topics covered can include but are not limited to:

  • Regulation and financial promotions
  • COBS chapter 4: Communications to clients, including financial promotions
  • Hot topics for the FCA  
  • Approving financial promotions  
  • Invitations, inducements and related problem areas  
  • Electronic media 
  • Compliance oversight and risk management  



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