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Managing Culture, Conduct and Commercial Objectives in Financial Services

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Outline & Objectives

In today’s world, financial institutions face fast-appearing and complex enterprise wide risk events that can suddenly propel them into global exposure and threaten brand, reputation and sometimes even survival.

At the same time, regulators expect Board directors and executive management teams to take a proactive role in managing risk and hold them personally accountable for meeting their governance responsibilities.

In an environment of such rapid pace, constant change and competing demands, and with such potentially severe consequences for failure, managers often end up ‘fire-fighting’ on a daily basis and struggle to focus and deliver on more long-term and strategic objectives.

This highly practical workshop will introduce the Navigating Change framework and provide managers in financial services organisations with the modern leadership principles and tools to avoid the sensory and intellectual overload that can be experienced every day and focus on the core human behaviours that have a positive impact on the direction businesses take.

Specifically, this course will help you:

  • Analyse the key external and internal risks facing your business, and the particular management and governance challenges they present
  • Understand how to align Culture, Conduct and Strategy and communicate a shared vision and direction
  • Develop a model for operational excellencefrom client order to settlement
  • Have a positive influence on individual and team performance and interaction
  • Design goals to motivate and recognise behaviours that support your cultural, conduct and strategic objectives and values

Who will benefit?

This focused course is aimed at the Board Members and Executive Management Teams with responsibility for strategic direction making, responsible and accountable for acting with due skill, care and attention and management oversight.

Training Approach

This workshop is designed to be participative. The agenda will combine key formal presentations, case studies and syndicate discussion sessions. There will be ample opportunity for delegates to benchmark experiences with industry peers and raise issues of most concern to their organisation, either confidentially or in open session.

Workshop Agenda

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • Recognising the sources and nature of risk and how these present as challenges to your conduct and culture
  • Establishing a clear and consistent strategy that links vision, culture and conduct
  • Develop effective relationships and teamwork through communicating a shared vision of outcomes
  • Determining the controls and embeding the processes that enable your business to manage internal risks
  • Establishing specific goals that recognise achievement and reflect your conduct, cultural and strategic intentions
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