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Persuading and Influencing

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Course Outline & Objectives

Those of us working in financial services organisations know how difficult it is to communicate findings, recommendations or necessary change in a way our colleagues will readily accept, see as helpful and incorporate into their day to day business activities.

This course will help you to understand and apply a range of powerful verbal and non-verbal communication tools and techniques that will help bring your colleagues 'on side' and make it easier to achieve your intended outcomes.

Attending will enable you to:

  1. Build rapport with anyone, in an instant
  2. Use a range of non-verbal communication techniques to engage and influence others
  3. Read’ people, through a deeper understanding of how their thinking patterns affect their behaviours and how you can use that knowledge to work with their subjective experience
  4. Communicate better, using a range of powerful linguistic techniques to engage, influence, persuade and deflect dissent and conflict
  5. Feel confident that you can communicate more effectively with anyone

Who will benefit?

Anyone in ComplianceRisk, Audit or other functions responsible for preparing reports, explaining the impact of new rules, legislation and guidance or delivering difficult messages.

Course Programme

The topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • The need to communicate more effectively
  • Non-verbal communications
  • ‘Reading’ people
  • The language of influence
  • Action planning
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