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Strategy - the Role of the Board

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Outline & Objectives

The Regulators have identified 'Strategic Management' as a key competence for all Significant Influence Function holders and set out some specific responsibilities for executive and non - executive management. 'Strategy' is one of the most used and yet least understood words in the business lexicon. Often confused with financial targets or disguised as 'strategic imperatives' (that are often, in reality, operational), a real, well articulated strategy, understood at a practical level across an organisation, is the foundation for a successful business.

This focused seminar is designed to give both executive and non-executive directors a set of practical tools for contributing to strategic debate at Board level.

Attending this event will help you to:

  • Recognise what the regulators expect of Board members in relation to corporate strategy
  • Maximise the value of strategy discussions, 'away days' and reviews
  • Understand some of the key tools used to monitor and review strategy
  • Align your strategy with your risk appetite and business culture
  • Communicate strategic messages to a wider internal and external audience

Seminar Agenda

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • The importance of strategy
  • Defining strategy
  • Strategic drift
  • Aligning strategy with risk and culture
  • Communicating strategy
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