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Complaints and the Consumer Duty

Outline and objectives

With the Consumer Duty in place for open products and services and only just around the corner (31 July 2024) for closed products and services, now feels like a good time to reflect (in a safe space) at our progress so far and what else we might still need to do, to be able to demonstrate to the FCA that customers who complain are receiving good outcomes.


In this session, we'll focus on the practical impact the Consumer Duty has had (and continues to have) on our approach to, and handling of, customer complaints.


We'll also take a look at the types of complaints we're starting to see from customers where the Consumer Duty is being mentioned, and what we can learn from the Financial Ombudsman Service.


And with complaints data and customer insight being used by the FCA now, to measure whether a firm's behaviour and culture towards its customers is in keeping with its expectations, we'll look at this too, to make sure we're able to pull together everything we need to.


If you oversee a complaints function in a FCA regulated firm, this course will help you to:

  1. Provide reassurance about the progress your firm has made, and highlight any areas where your firm could make further changes
  2. Identity the types of complaints currently being made and what we might expect to see after 31 July 2024 and what we can take from what we (and the Financial Ombudsman Service) are seeing
  3. Review the data and insight we're collecting, to make sure it's telling us everything we need to know, as well as what the FCA wants to know

Who will benefit?

The course will be of value to those who have strategic, managerial or operational oversight for complaints handling teams or any areas handling customer complaints.

Training Approach

This interactive, conversational session is a blend of trainer presentation with ample opportunity for questions, experience sharing and networking. All course materials (and at face-to-face events, refreshments and lunch) will be provided.

Course Tutor

Caroline Wells


Caroline's background has always been in customer service and experience - and with that she's gained decades of experience in: dispute resolution, consumer vulnerability and accessibility. Not a trainer in the traditional sense of the word, Caroline brings her real-life, current and very practical experience to the group to share and spark conversation.


Today, Caroline works directly with firms and organisations across the private and public sector on all things customer service related. She also holds several appointed roles, these include:

  • Member of CIVEA's (The Civil Enforcement Association) Compliance, Adjudication and Review of Enforcement (CARE) panel - reviewing complaints about High Court Enforcement Agencies, their agents and providing guidance to the industry on raising customer service standards.
  • Independent Advisor to the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner - reviewing and advising the Commissioner on complaints made about senior members of the Police force and providing guidance on professionall standards.
  • Senior Subject Matter Expert to the Money Advice Trust - providing cross industry consultancy and training to customers in vulnerable circumstances.
  • Advisory Board Member to the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute - which guides the institute on its focus around money and mental health.


Course Programme

Session Content
The FCA's Consumer Duty - the impact on how we approach and handle complaints
  • Ensuring our customer journey works for our customers 
  • The impact on our people and teams 
  • Our culture and approach to complaints and customers who complain
Complaints under the Consumer Duty
  • Current trends and themes
  • What do 'good customer outcomes' look and feel like today?
  • What the future looks like for closed products and services complaints - and 'good' outcomes
Data and insight

What we need to demonstrate good customer outcomes:

    • For individual customers
    • Our broader learning
    • Our actions and reactions

This course can be delivered in-house at a time and location to suit your business and tailored to suit your people and organisation. We can also create bespoke training when something very specific is needed.Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and at no obligation.

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