Data Governance under GDPR - 27/09/2018
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Data Governance under GDPR

27 Sep 2018, London

10:00am to 4:00pm

Course Outline & Objectives

Data protection law in the UK is undergoing the most significant changes since the Data Protection Act in 1998. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2016 with full compliance from May 2018.

Data Governance can help you meet a significant number of the GDPR requirements as well as delivering wider ranging benefits.

This practical course will provide an overview of the key GDPR requirements, demonstrate how a good Data Governance Framework can help you meet a great number of these and explain which Data Governance deliverables can be leveraged for GDPR purposes.

Specifically attending will help you:

  • Gain a high level overview of the GDPR requirements
  • Know what Data Governance is and how it can help to comply with GDPR
  • Learn the constituent parts of a Data Governance Framework
  • Understand which Data Governance deliverables can be used or adapted to meet the requirements of Article 30 of GDPR
  • Identify the next steps to embed good data management practices and enable GDPR compliance in an ongoing and sustainable manner

Who will benefit?

This event will benefit Risk and Compliance professionals, Data Governance managers and Auditors working in Financial Services.

Training Approach

This workshop uses a combination of trainer input, knowledge sharing with interactive syndicate work and case studies. Class size will be limited to promote interaction and learning opportunities.

Workshop Leader

Nicola Askham is the leading data governance coach and training provider in the UK. She supports companies with implementing their data governance initiative, so they can sustain it on an on-going basis. She holds a unique level of experience in the Data Governance field, and has experience in training and coaching major organisations to help them implement full data governance frameworks. Nicola has developed a powerful methodology for implementing data governance based on over 15 years of experience and research into best practices in the field of data management. Her methodology breaks down the data governance initiative into logical steps, which ensures that businesses design and implement a data governance framework that is right for the organisation. Nicola is a Director and Committee Member of DAMA UK, she sits on the Expert Panel of, and regularly writes and presents internationally on data governance best practice.

Course Programme

Session Aim Content
Regulation To review the high level GDPR requirements
  • Overview of requirements
  • GDPR impact on data
Data Governance To establish what Data Governance is
  • What is Data Governance
  • What Data Governance is not
Data Governance and GDPR Overview To understand how Data Governance supports GDPR
  • Overview of which requirements are supported
  • Explanation of how
Data Governance Framework To establish what a Data Governance Framework is and how it helps your organisation manage its data better
  • The constituent parts of a Data Governance Framework
Data Governance Deliverables To understand the key deliverables Data Governance brings
  • Explanation of the Data Governance deliverables
Data Governance and GDPR Details To understand how Data Governance supports GDPR in more detail
  • Mapping Data Governance deliverables to GDPR requirements
Data Retention To understand what this is and why it is needed
  • What is Data Retention
  • Why it is needed
  • The relationship to Data Governance and GDPR
Next Steps Creating a practical plan for designing or leveraging your Data Governance Framework for GDPR
  • Where to start
  • What to consider

This course can be delivered in-house at a time and location to suit your business and tailored to suit your people and organisation. We can also create bespoke training when something very specific is needed.Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and at no obligation.

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