Persuading and Influencing - 06/12/2018
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Persuading and Influencing

06 Dec 2018, London

9:30am to 4:30pm

Outline & Objectives

Those of us working in financial services organisations know how difficult it is to communicate findings, recommendations or necessary change in a way our colleagues will readily accept, see as helpful and incorporate into their day to day business activities.

This course will help you to understand and apply a range of powerful verbal and non-verbal communication tools and techniques that will help bring your colleagues 'on side' and make it easier to achieve your intended outcomes.

Attending will enable you to:

  1. Build rapport with anyone, in an instant
  2. Use a range of non-verbal communication techniques to engage and influence others
  3. Read’ people, through a deeper understanding of how their thinking patterns affect their behaviours and how you can use that knowledge to work with their subjective experience
  4. Communicate better, using a range of powerful linguistic techniques to engage, influence, persuade and deflect dissent and conflict
  5. Feel confident that you can communicate more effectively with anyone

Who will benefit?

Anyone who needs to engage, inform and communciate with colleagues and stakeholders in a financial institution.

Training Approach

We use a number of accelerated learning techniques to embed learning and enhance recall.  Any theory is immediately grounded in day-to-day working practice and everything that you learn on the course can be applied directly in the workplace.

Workshop Leader: David Cotton

David has worked in training and management consultancy for over 20 years, in four continents and over 40 countries. An alumnus of both Arthur Andersen and PwC, David's client portfolio encompasses a broad range of government bodies and private sector organisations. He has worked in both training and consulting roles with many of the major UK banks and insurance firms, the BBA and the FSA. His work ranges from strategy development to advanced communication skills, leadership impact and influence, client relationship management and networking skills, to coaching and mentoring.  A prolific author, David has won awards for two of his books, and for an e-learning package on electronic marketplaces. David studied linguistics for pleasure, is a self-confessed pedant and grammarian. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree, Diplomas in Training & Development and Hypnotherapy, is a Certified NLP practitioner, a Fellow of the British Institute for Learning and Development and a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Workshop Programme

Session Aim Content
The need to communicate more effectively To understand potential limitations of current channels of communication
  • Moving beyond the written report – how face to face communication skills can add to your influence
Non-verbal communications To be able to employ a range of non-verbal techniques to understand others’ needs and get your message across
  • Being likeable
  • Rapport building
  • Techniques of touch, gaze, proximity, anchoring and gesture
  • Listening with intent
  • Asking great questions
‘Reading’ people To be able to understand others’ preferred ways of thinking and use that knowledge to communicate more effectively with them
  • Developing sensory awareness
  • Understanding facial gesture
  • Thinking and communication preferences
  • ‘Meta-programmes’
  • Understanding and working with others’ motivational drivers
  • Perceptual positions – seeing the world through others’ eyes
The language of influence To be able to use language in more powerful ways
  • Positive vs negative language
  • Openness of communication style
  • Power words and power syntax
  • Handling dissent/conflict in communication
  • A model for persuasion
Action planning To plan the actions which you will take as a direct result of this workshop
  • Next steps

This course can be delivered in-house at a time and location to suit your business and tailored to suit your people and organisation. We can also create bespoke training when something very specific is needed.Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and at no obligation.

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