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Managing Conduct Risk under the FCA

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Outline & Objectives

Business conduct is in a bright and unforgiving spotlight. Although much has been said about Conduct Risk from the regulatory perspective, less has been done to help firms address the issue coherently. In the absence of anything prescriptive from the FCA, firms need to define what conduct risk means for their business and determine how to take positive action to address this risk. While the primary driver for seeking the effective management of conduct risk is to secure commercial success, there are additional pressures stemming from the ever higher standards being demanded by regulators, both nationally and internationally.

This workshop will address the issues firms need to take into account in order to manage and mitigate conduct risk. It will highlight the key themes in current thinking and provide practical pointers to help delegates ensure their firms’ approaches and arrangements are as effective as possible.

Specifically, attending will help you:

  1. Define the “conduct risks” in your business
  2. Understand the FCA’s approach to conduct risk
  3. Determine how to apply “Treating Customers Fairly” approaches to the conduct risk agenda
  4. Examine the tangible elements of conduct risk: product design, distribution and organisational infrastructure
  5. Implement techniques to manage the behavioural aspects of conduct risk
  6. Identify the steps to managing and monitoring conduct risk, including the role of the individual accountability regime
  7. Embed the mititgation of conduct risk into the culture of your organisation

Who will benefit?

This workshop is aimed at directors and other senior staff involved in establishing and embedding their firm’s culture and in managing the business compliantly. It will also be relevant to Risk and Compliance specialists, along with those responsible for board level oversight of the control functions. This event is equally appropraite for staff for firms which are either solo regulated (FCA) or dual regulated (PRA and FCA).

Course Agenda

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • What is meant by “conduct risk”
  • The regulatory framework and approach to conduct risk
  • Business models and governance of conduct risk
  • Conduct risk and “Treating Customers Fairly”
  • Tangible elements of conduct risk: product design, distribution and organisational infrastructure
  • Behavioural aspects of conduct risk: leadership, conflicts of interest, people risk and organisational culture
  • Practical aspects of managing and monitoring conduct risk
  • Conduct risk and individual accountability
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