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Managing your Data Risks

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Outline & Objectives

Developments in regulation and technology mean the data challenges facing Financial Services firms are increasing in scale, frequency and impact. At the same time, businesses need to become more data driven in order to remain competitive and service their clients.

Organisations need to manage and control their data in a cohesive manner in order to meet regulatory requirements, address data related challenges and realise the benefits available to those companies who effectively manage and use their data.

This practical course will provide both an overview of the increasing data challenges being faced and also a practical approach for proactively managing data and mitigating data risks.

Specifically, attending will help you:

  • Understand the data challenges you currently face and those likely to emerge
  • Review your current approach for managing and mitigating these challenges
  • Examine the latest developments in Big Data, Digital Transformation and Data Integration and consider the implications for your organisation
  • Audit the effectiveness of your current approach to data management
  • Learn a holistic approach for managing your data risks

Who will benefit?

This event will benefit Risk and Compliance professionals, Data Governance managers and Auditors working in Financial Services.

Training Approach

This workshop uses a combination of trainer input, knowledge sharing with interactive syndicate work and case studies. Group size is kept to a maximum of 16.

Course Agenda

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • Regulation
  • Big Data and Big Data Analytics
  • Master Data Management & Reference Data Management
  • Data Security
  • Data Integration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Governance Framework
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