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Do you have the right Culture?

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Course Outline & Objectives

The culture within financial services organisations is being examined - and challenged - to an unprecedented degree, by regulators, investors, politicians and the media.
Any perception of cultural problems in a financial institution is likely to have severe consequences for the business, and senior management in particular, as recent events have shown.
If you are responsible for establishing or influencing culture in your organisation, this focused and practical half day workshop will help you address three critical questions:

  1. Do you have the 'right' organisational culture?
  2. Are you measuring and monitoring culture effectively?
  3. How can you effect cultural changes?

Who will benefit?

This workshop will be of value to Board Directors, Senior Managers and those responsible for Governance, Risk, Compliance, Audit, HR and Internal Communications.

Workshop Programme

The topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • What do we mean by culture?
  • Internal and external factors that affect
    organisational culture
  • Culture as a source of risk – why it matters
  • What do we mean by a good organisational culture?
  • Culture, conduct and treating customers fairly (TCF)
  • How to change the organisation's culture
  • How do we know we’ve changed? Assessing and monitoring culture
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