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Risks, Controls and Oversight by the Board

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Outline & Objectives

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, and the implementation of the new UK regulatory framework, the performance of Boards and individual Board members in financial institutions is being scrutinised as never before – particularly in relation to risk management.

This focused half day event has been developed especially for Executive and Non-Executive Directors in firms prudentially regulated by the FCA, to help them understand their risk management responsibilities and the practical steps to fulfilling them, in the developing regulatory environment.

Attending this practical workshop will help you to:

  1. Know what the regulator expects from Boards and Board members in respect of risk management
  2. Identify the appropriate governance structures and models
  3. Understand your risk appetite
  4. Consider conduct risk and what the FCA anticipates Boards will be reviewing in this area
  5. Make sure you are receiving the right Management Information on your key risks and controls
  6. Embed risk awareness in the culture of the organisation

Who will benefit

The course is aimed at Directors in firms prudentially regulated by the FCA who do not have specific risk management responsibilities but who need to understand risks and controls as part of their governance and oversight role.

Course Agenda

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • Risk governance structures
  • The Board's responsibility for risk appetite
  • Understanding risk management information
  • The conduct risk agenda
  • Ensuring risk management and awareness is embedded in the culture of the organisation



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